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Open-Plan Offices - Is it a good idea?

Many believe that open concept offices is the future of work but a new study from Harvard says otherwise.

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Since the start of the coworking concept, the popularity has been increasing and till today it has not lose its momentum. The number of coworking space is believe to have grown at an average annual rate of 23% since 2010. But the question is whether it really increase productivity and promote greater collaboration among coworkers? A recent research by Harvard shows otherwise. Open concept office not only did not promoter greater collaboration but it encourages coworkers to send more email.

Personally I think that open concept office do comes with some benefits like cost saving in terms of office rental cost but it does not live up to the promises of all the benefits. Most people still prefers privacy in a certain degree or at least to have some private moments working on their own. Thus the right solution should be a mixture of both, so work space providers should have various options made available.

We see why that most successful coworking space providers have both open-plan concept and also private offices. So for the clients who have paid for a private office room, they tend to enjoy work privacy when they need and also sit in the pantry, lounge or the open work space. But for those who paid just for the open-plan office, they may not have the luxury of enjoying the privacy when they need one.

Let's see how the flexible work office space will continue to evolve in

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